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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Pinterest As Part of Your SEO Strategy

by | May 13, 2016 | Pinterest |

Pinterest began in 2010 as a scrapbooking site of sorts that allowed people to search and share for their favourite things.  Today Pinterest has 100,000 million active users and has evolved from simply being another social media platform to a prominent search tool that dominates the front pages of popular SERPs.

Why does Pinterest not consider itself a typical social media platform? It quite frankly operates in a different continuum than popular social media sites. If Facebook is selling the past and Twitter the present, Pinterest is offering the future.

Pinterest is offering the future.

“It’s about what you aspire to do, what you want to do down the line,”

 ` Cofounder Ben Silbermann (source).  

Pinterest is less about being social and much more of an intimate, personal even introspective medium that allows the user a moment of quiet time “me time’ to dream, to discover and plan for the future.  And planning for the future means connecting with one’s favourite brands.

Two-thirds of the content saved to Pinterest comes from businesses.

83% of Pinners said they would prefer to connect and follow their favorite brand.

Through this introspection comes an incredible amount of data.

Scour the first pages of your favourite search engine results page and you will find Top 10 (50 or 100) lists curated from Pinterest content and often repurposed and redistributed by digital news organization such as the Huffington post, Business Insider & the Telegraph, digital blogs such as Mashable and fashion & décor magazine such as Elle, Vogue and Popsugar.

As more and more People all around the world continue amassing content and ideas they love and want to try, Pinterest will continue to grow in influence as a source for what is currently trending. (source)


Pinterest top 10 list on first page of search engine results page


The ultimate goal of SEO activity is to be prominently featured in the SERPs, otherwise known as search engine ranking pages.

First let us review what are considered important ranking factors by most SEO experts that correlate with first page search engine rankings: (source)


The goal of SEO activity is to be prominently featured in the SERPs,
  • Relevant in-depth Content

  • Use of Images

  • Keyword usage

  • Site structure & Site speed

  • Site’s overall link authority

  • Time spent on site

  • Number & quality of inbound links

  • Mobile friendliness


Numbers-1-Black-iconPinterest HOUSES GREAT CONTENT:

Pinterest contains high quality relevant content that includes beautiful imagery in a variety of formats: pdfs, videos, slide shares, podcasts, gifs, infographics, and more.  More importantly the content is fresh with 14 million articles pinned each day and at least 2 million people Pinning product rich Pins daily. (source)


Numbers-2-Black-iconVisual content is the cornerstone of Pinterest’s Platform and key to SEO optimization:

Images are a central part of the online experience because humans are, by nature, very visual beings.  Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that focuses on high quality content-related images that is typically linked to more in-depth textual content from the source.  Essentially it is an ideal storytelling medium with pictures.



A company with a well-designed and active Pinboard is more likely to rank in Google with their Pinterest page than their corporate website.

Images (photos, video, illustrations, slideshares and infographics) have the following impact:


Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. (source)

– Color increases readers’ attention spans and recall by 82%.

– Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

– Time it takes our brains to process visual cues – ¼ second. Average consumer attention spad – 8 seconds.

67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product

Numbers-3-Black-iconPinterest lends itself perfectly to Mobile:  

As of April 21, 2015, Google Search began using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. (source)

More than 75% of Pinterest usage takes place on a mobile device:
smartphone or tablet.

65% of Active Pinners use Pinterest on their mobile
devices at least once a week.

~ Source: Ahology ~

75% of Pinterest usage takes place on a mobile device:

Numbers-4-Black-iconPinterest can be an integral part of building a successful network of Backlinks and referrals:

A well-managed Pinterest board with a profile link to a businesses corporate website, a steady pattern of traffic referrals, and do-follow links to the root domain (your website link within the pin’s description) will provide great SEO benefits.  Your SEO strategy will include building a network of backlinks, a crucial component to SEO because search engines formulate their page rankings by how many outside links direct people to your website.

Its important to note that all Pinterest links are “no follow” with the exception of links in a “pins” description (typically a company website).  The “no-follow” links were created to stop spamming of social media accounts so that a site’s content remains relevant to its community.


An explanation:

“DoFollow” Links – allows search engines to see good SEO value to help rank a site. Pinterest also lets you link to your site from your profile, and that profile link is officially a “dofollow”.  Bottom Line, if you Pinterest board is popular, people will be more apt to click through to your site essentially creating a network of valuable backlinks as well as increasing your referral traffic.  Further, When your Pinterest page ranks high do to good activity, it will increase the value of the backlinks. (source)

Technically, the “nofollow” link doesn’t give the credit to a website at Google meaning Google doesn’t count it as a backlink and is restricted from being followed by the search. However, Google is not always forthcoming with how it ranks and testing shows repeatedly that sites linked with “nofollow” links are discovered and indexed. (source)

The best way to develop these important backlinks:  As you cultivate your Pinterest community by providing interesting and relevant content on a regular basis as well as investing time in building targeted connections you will gain a following.  As you build authority and gain credibility within your brand niche or area of expertise you will see an increase in activity. The more engaging and compelling your content is to your Pinterest audience the more pins and repins that will result and the more traffic and backlinks it will gain. The sum of these activities will improve your link building and as a result will increase your search engine rankings.


“Search engine optimization and high rankings take time, experience and most importantly realistic goals and expectations. Those goals usually require patience.”

Chris Auman, Sanctuary Marketing.

Numbers-5-Black-iconPinterest and Keywords:

As many of you have experienced, ranking for any of your keywords in Google is challenging, but getting some of your content to the top of Pinterest is often more realistic.  Keyword targeting is a building block of SEO strategy and Pinterest can help both to elevate your authority on the platform itself as well as improving your standing with SERPs.



Pinterest can help both improve your standing with search engine results.

Remember that Pinterest operates much like a search engine in the way a user can filter content seen by entering relevant keywords. As a business you need to optimize your keywords and make it easy for visitors to find your site and explore your products. Choose keywords (preferably long tail)  that your audience is likely to be looking for and follow best practices. Remember one of the best things about Pinterest boards is that they can appear in Google search results so by optimizing your Pinterest boards you will find yourself SEO-ready for the SERPS.

Once goals have been established the process begins:

number-one-thBegin with Keyword Research:

As Pinterest is a search and discovery engine similar to Google or Bing, you want to use some of the same best practices when formulating your keyword strategy:

A. Tools for Keyword Research:

The following tools are all free and will help you develop a solid keyword strategy.

– Pinterest Analytics (link)

– Google’s Keyword Planner (link)

– Google Trends (link)

– Portent, Idea Generato (link)

– Keyword Research: (link)

– Check your competition with Pin Alerts:

B. Optimizing your Pin Boards:

Place your Keywords in the following locations:

– Profile Description

– Your Pinterest Profile URL/Username

– Board Names

– Pin Descriptions

– Text on the Pin Image

– Image File Names

– Your Content, Content Title and URLs

– Image Alternate Text


Develop and Curate great content:

Write your content based on keyword data that you have developed that is both relevant and engaging for your audience.  Think about your ideal customer and find a unique voice. Keep an eye on trending topics in your industry and concentrate on quality over quantity and be sure to establish a consistent “Pinning” schedule.

“Keep in mind that the average content length for a web page that ranks in the top 10 results for any keyword on Google has at least 2,000 words “.

Check out the Quicksprout blog for more great tips.


“Did you know that as a result of producing great content Wikipedia has become one of the best sources of relevant traffic with over 374 million  unique visitors a month (source)

TIP: Be patient, start slow and build up.

Focus on developing content that can help your ideal customers with solve their pain points through your blog.

Check out more best Practices at quicksprout

To ease the editorial burden, you can curate content from other pinners who may be an authority on an important subject relevant to  your industry (consider information published by employees, suppliers, manufacturer, etc ) or from articles found on the web.

Here are a few sources of curated content:

– Pinterest 

– Feedly

– Upworthy 

– Scoop it 

– Buzzsumo 

– Alltop

 Additional tips for creating and curating great content:


Make sure that your images are pin-worthy by utilizing high quality, unique, beautiful, well-composed and even funny pictures. (Minimize the use of stock photos, and focus on taking your own photos, or creating your own visuals on tools such as Canva.



Make sure that your images are pin-worthy by utilizing high quality, unique, beautiful, well-composed and even funny pictures. (Minimize the use of stock photos, and focus on taking your own photos, or creating your own visuals on tools such as Canva.


Make sure that your images are pin-worthy by utilizing high quality even funny pictures.
Make sure that your images are pin-worthy by using high quality, colorful pictures.
Make sure that your images are pin-worthy by using beautiful, well-composed pictures.

More Pinterest TIPS:

  • Use high-quality images. Make sure they’re well-composed and in focus.
  • Go for taller Pins. Vertically-oriented Pins look better on mobile screens.
  • Pins with multiple images can work well for Pinners looking for how-tos, but keep it to 4 images or fewer so it doesn’t look too crowded.
  • Minimize the amount of text on an image. Make sure it’s easy to read on mobile screens. (Source)

Pin a variety of visual content:

Images, illustrations, infographics, text, video, podcasts and more.

Good news is that most business have a cache of resources in-house ready to be pinned!

Pin a variety of visual content such as illustrations
Pin a variety of visual content such as videos
Pin a variety of visual content such as infographics

Mix up the theme of your content:

it’s a bit of an art mixed with trial and error but in time you will find the right combination for your business.

A good rule of thumb:


– 40% motivational (quotes/images)

– 40% Instructional (solving your customer’s pain points),

– 10% Promotional (pins that feature your business’s products & services)

– 10% about your brand (Show your brand’s personality). (Source)

Don’t forget about Rich pins:  Rich pins impact the user experience, in a way that a click on a pin leads the user to the original source or website.

There are five types of Rich Pins : Product, Article, Recipe, Movie & App pins. Source Pinterest 

There are five types of Rich Pins : Product, Article, Recipe, Movie & App pins.


 Build your Referral Engine  


  • Pin Actively & Consistently!  Pinterest followers want to see fresh content on their feeds so make sure it’s your fabulous content. Aim to pin a min 5-10 items a day.  According to an Ahology study an aggressive growth campaign requires pinning 20-25 items a day

TIP:  Stay on Track by using tools to help your schedule your pinning: Tailwind  or Buffer 

“Build your brand by engaging with the community via repinning, commenting on and liking other pins,” she said, adding that “tagging other users in your pins’ descriptions is a good way to reach out, too.”

Karen Leland, Author Pinterest for Business

  • Use tool that promote pinning: Add these three tools to your corporate or ecommerce site:

– the “Pin it” button, 

– Pinterest bookmarklet or browser add-on. 

– Pinterest board widget 

  • Follow Interesting & Relevant Accounts: This will be both a great souce of interesting content and a method of gaining more followers
  • Expand your reach: Use Group Boards and collaborate with popular pinners who have a large following in order to expose your brand and content to more people.
  • Incorporate Hashtags http://sproutsocial.com/insights/pinterest-contests-hashtags/ but use them conservatively
  • Understand the platform: Review Pinterest Smartfeed including the importance of

What’s Pinterest’s Smart Feed?

Pinterest’s smart feed is a complex new algorithm based on the following elements: quality of your pin, quality of the source (blog or website) that the pin leads to and a rating assigned by Pinterest.

Pin Quality: The highest-quality pins get moved to the top of the queue and stay there as long as the pin receives quality interaction (repins). It’s sort of like what Facebook does with popular posts in your news feed.

Source Quality: The quality of the source is determined by how often people pin and repin content from a website or blog. To get higher rankings, pin your best content. Also, check the source of each pin you repin to make sure that it leads to a reputable website with good content.

Source, Social Media Examiner

number-four-thMake The Most of Social Signals

Cross-promoting your Pinterest presence is an important element in your SEO journey. We know that social signals are factored into Google’s and Bing’s organic search algorithms (unofficially). Source.

Social signals indicate to Google that there are connections and relationships at play which signals that your content is relevant.  Simply add links to your Pinterest Boards/Pins through account settings interconnecting your other social media sites: Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and LinkedIn and be sure to regularly engage in cross-sharing popular pins. Source

Keep these 5 SEO tips in mind

Go Forth And Start Pinning:

Support Your Marketing Efforts & Promote Your SEO.


Keep these 5 TIPS in mind.

  1. Determine your Business and Marketing goals & set your strategy
  2. Do your research and develop your keyword plan
  3. Pin purposefully and consistently keeping in mind your brand voice and the aspirational quality of the Pinterest medium.
  4. Create and curate high quality content
  5. Engage with other via likes, comments, and follow other interesting Pinterest users that are pinning the type of content that your target users would be interested in.


Bottom Line:

The more high quality, highly shared/re-pinned and relevant content you have will make Google want to crawl your site more. And this is the key to SEO.

If you’re not currently using Pinterest as part of your marketing mix and SEO strategy. Its time to take another look.


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